Evan Bass Men’s Clinic Speaks on Hormonal Deficiency and Menopause in Men

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Being chemical massagers, hormones play an integral role in regulating overall growth, production, and well-being in humans. In men, androgens which consist of testosterone are the key sex hormones responsible for developing male characteristics, muscle mass, sexual performance, and mood among others. As men reach their ‘30s, their testosterone levels start reducing by 1% each year. However, if it falls below the desired level men experience different complications like low sex desire, mental stress, and low energy levels due to the condition called Low T (Low Testosterone).

According to Evan Bass Men’s Clinic, some of the risk factors of male hormone deficiency especially testosterone include obesity, excess alcohol consumption, metabolic syndromes such as high blood pressure, and an increase in unhealthy cholesterol levels.

Do Men Experience Menopause? 

Yes, however, while menopause describes the life-changing episode of termination of menstruation in women, male menopause aka andropause pertains dropping and imbalance of hormones primarily testosterone.

Major Signs Of Male Menopause

Low energy levels: Continual feelings of fatigue, and exhaustion that affect motivation are common symptoms of andropause.

Poor bone density: with low testosterone men become more susceptible to weak bone which increases the risk of osteoporosis which may lead to bone fractures and injuries.

Decrease in sexual drive or libido: Men with low T will come across a noticeable drop in sexual drive.

Low muscle mass: A reduction in muscle mass results in loss of strength and function of muscles.

Apart from the above, low T affects one’s ability to memorize, and cognitive function. It can lead to an increase in body weight, excess fat buildup especially in the tummy, and frequent mood changes like irritability, depression, difficulty sleeping, etc.

Why Do Consider TRT Therapy  

Once the impact of hormone imbalance starts disrupting the quality of life with the above symptoms, it is time for the individual to visit healthcare facilities like Evan Bass Men’s Clinic to discuss the concerns. After consultancy, they may suggest to consider testosterone replacement therapy.

TRT aims to help the person in achieving a normal and stable balance in testosterone and other hormone levels and thereby mitigate the frustrating symptoms of ‘low- T’. The therapy can promote bone density, and muscle mass and restore sex drive while improving erectile function. This will gradually alleviate depression making men experience dramatic improvement in their psychological wellbeing.

Hormone replacement therapy involves the use of plant-derived natural hormones like testosterone that are produced in the human body. There are multiple ways to introduce the hormone in a male such as injections, patches, tablets, gel, and pellets. To decide the best option for testosterone replacement, the TRT provider will sufferer’s medical history, lifestyle, and present health condition.

Injections: Testosterone injections help introduce the hormone directly into the body through intramuscular application. In general, the injections are administered at the clinic every 1-2 weeks interval.

Gels: The gel form of testosterone needs to be topically applied on the shoulders, arms, or thighs. This makes the hormone get absorbed by the body via the skin. After the application of the gel, the individual must avoid skin-to-skin contact with any other person to stop transferring the medication. Also, one needs to wait till the gel gets fully absorbed by the body.

Pills: Available in capsules and pills, testosterone pills can be taken once or twice a day as per the recommendation by the therapy provider.

Patches:  Available in transdermal form, a skin patch is placed in the skin while allowing the bloodstream to absorb it. It can be used once a day preferably on thighs, upper arms, abdomen, and back.

During the application, doctors closely monitor the changes and increase in testosterone levels, Their continuous observation helps avoid ‘ High T’ which is equally bad for the men’s health.  in fact, the objective of TRT is to gain just the right balance of testosterone,

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