Why do you need to set up a food routine?

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Finally, it is advisable to manage the planning of the whole family well in order to plan meals in advance on evenings when there is less time to cook. In this way, we can anticipate and know exactly what we will have to do to avoid any panic. It is important to take the time necessary to properly organize your schedule and your weekly activities in order to be sure that everything goes as smoothly as possible.

Nothing should be imposed! If after a certain time a practice does not fully correspond to the expected expectations and objectives, it is essential to do things differently. Only our personal satisfaction counts! And above all, you must always keep in mind that “better” does not mean “perfect” . So don’t be too hard on yourself if a change is difficult. So, you have to move forward positively and keep in mind that a good routine involves a conscious choice .

Food planning

Food doesn’t have to be an obsession ! To avoid thinking about it constantly, a food routine is a good solution. After setting the daily rituals, let’s see together how to go further with food planning . First of all, you have to use supports that are practical and that look like you:

One theme per day

To make family menu decisions easier each week, it pays to have a baseline . To do this, you just have to decide which day you will eat meat, a quiche, a gratin… Make your decisions easier by helping you with a template that you just need to complete each week before going shopping.

Every day has its own task and it is important to plan far enough in advance to foresee what you are going to cook. This means knowing which day we have to go to the supermarket and when to prepare our meals so that everything is ready when the time comes. It is essential to organize effectively and in advance so that everything goes off without a hitch. You can decide to do all of this on the same day.

Why do you need to set up a food routine?


A clear and displayed week

To be at the top of the organization, display your menu for the week in the kitchen (on a board, on a plastic card, etc.). Thus, you will go to the essential without wasting time in front of the refrigerator to ask yourself: what are we eating this evening?

A detailed shopping list and nothing more

Once the menus have been decided, all you have to do is draw up the associated shopping list . In this way, no superfluous expenses! You only buy what you need.

Cook ahead

According to the family planning, it is then necessary to determine the days when you have time to cook or not. If one evening during the week, you have a sports session that ends late, plan to cook your meal the day before so as not to be in the juice! You can also decide to pre-cut your vegetables once or twice a week. Thus, you will save time in your preparations!

Again, your routine should be perfectly personalized to match your lifestyle. The suggestions listed here may certainly work for you, but the possibilities are endless and you may find things that suit your pace of life more.

In conclusion, putting in place a food routine is a way to establish healthy habits , to reduce stress and strengthen control over our choices . With organization and discipline, we quickly see the benefits to health and general well-being.

Attention ! Don’t try to change everything all at once: take your time to implement each step little by little. Don’t be too strict with yourself : mistakes are inevitable and perfection is not always possible.

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